House Of ZK Is Bringing The Future Of Blockchain Connectivity To Brussels

26 Jun 2024

**BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 26th, 2024/Chainwire/--**Exploring Advancements in Zero Knowledge-Based Technologies with Industry Experts

ZKM proudly presents House of ZK, a gateway into the world of Zero Knowledge and the limitless potential the technology has to offer. Set to take place at the Warwick Hotel in Brussels on July 11th during EthCC, the event promises to be a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of ZK, connect with experts as well as relax and unwind afterward.

Attendees can look forward to a wide range of talks and workshops that explore the ZK technology in detail. Insightful discussions by industry experts will explore the latest advancements and practical applications, while the workshops will provide hands-on experience and guidance on implementing ZKPs in various use cases.

Our lineup of speakers represents a convergence of expertise and innovation in ZKPs. Together, they offer a comprehensive view of the latest developments and applications of the technology, making this event a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of blockchain scalability and interoperability.

Featured Speakers:

  • Daniel Lumi, Senior Product Manager of ZK Stack at Matter Labs
  • Jeroen van de Graaf, Researcher at ZKM
  • Jordi Baylina, Co-founder, Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez
  • Pavel Sinelnikov, DevRel Lead at ZKM
  • Rami Khalil, Senior Protocol Engineer at RISC ZERO
  • Ming Guo, Chief Scientist at ZKM
  • Vince Yang, CEO at zkLink

After a day of exploring the intricacies of Zero Knowledge, enjoy our exclusive Happy Hour on the rooftop. Relax and unwind with handcrafted cocktails paired with delicious appetizers, all set in a casual atmosphere perfect for networking and relaxation.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Matter Labs, zkLink, Polygon zkEVM, Aleo, RISC Zero, and many other valued partners whose generous support is indispensable in making this edition of House of ZK a reality.

Building on Previous Success to Reach New Heights

The first House of ZK in Denver was a phenomenal success, spanning four full days of educational content, followed by a VC day with panel discussions and keynotes. Attendees also participated in an engaging pitch day, showcasing their projects and ideas to an enthusiastic audience.

The event boasted prominent partners such as Polygon zkEVM, Matter Labs, zkLink, EthStorage, and the Starknet Foundation, highlighting the diverse applications of the ZK technology. Finally, more than 25 speakers, including Jordi Baylina, co-founder of Polygon Labs, led discussions and shared their expertise during numerous workshops.

Secure your spot now at the House of ZK website and be part of shaping the future of blockchain connectivity and scalability!

To get the latest updates on the events hosted by ZKM, visit the ZKM Events page. Follow House of ZK on X/Twitter to stay informed about all the latest news and announcements.

ZKM develops fundamental infrastructure for blockchains, leveraging a state-of-the-art zkVM to address a multitude of challenges. ZKM's tech stack is designed to facilitate universal settlement across previously incompatible blockchain networks, enabling trust-minimized compatibility and unified liquidity.


Iryna Chekhova

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