How Could an Update Go So Wrong?

23 Jul 2024

Crowdstrike deployed what should have been a regular, run-of-the mill update but ended up bring the world to a standstill instead.


What is OpenAI Hiding?

18 Jul 2024

OpenAI is rushing to build an advanced AI that can deliver advanced reasoning capabilities under a tightly-knit project code-named Strawberry.


Are You a Victim of Crypto Theft?

10 Jul 2024

It is likely that at least one person reading this story has been a victim of crypto theft.


Is OpenAI Stealing Your Content?

4 Jul 2024

The number of organizations accusing OpenAI of stealing their work continues to grow like extra patties on a burger.


Should You Invest in Nvidia?

26 Jun 2024

Here are some of the arguments for and against investing in the company.


Uncle Sam Elbow Drops Adobe With a Lawsuit

20 Jun 2024

Adobe recently got sued by the U.S. government for harming consumers with their subscription model and their cancellation method.


Yikes! Nvidia's CEO Doesn't Care About Gamers

12 Jun 2024

Jensen Huang wants to distance himself from the "silliness of gaming."


Nvidia Just Became a Whole Lot More Valuable

30 May 2024

Investors eagerly awaiting the company's quarterly results were not disappointed as Nvidia's sales more than doubled and its profit was up sevenfold.


Shut Up And Take My Money. No Thanks, Says Sony

23 May 2024

Ghost of Tsushima's PC port has been mired in controversy after Sony decided to limit sales of the game to countries where the PlayStation Network is available.