Yikes! Nvidia's CEO Doesn't Care About Gamers

12 Jun 2024

Jensen Huang wants to distance himself from the "silliness of gaming."


Nvidia Just Became a Whole Lot More Valuable

30 May 2024

Investors eagerly awaiting the company's quarterly results were not disappointed as Nvidia's sales more than doubled and its profit was up sevenfold.


Shut Up And Take My Money. No Thanks, Says Sony

23 May 2024

Ghost of Tsushima's PC port has been mired in controversy after Sony decided to limit sales of the game to countries where the PlayStation Network is available.


Elon Musk vs. Mainstream Media

18 Apr 2024

What happens when the world's richest man gets caught in the crosshairs of one of the oldest and most reputable news organizations in the world? Fireworks 🎆


Sam Bankman-(Never Getting)Fried

4 Apr 2024

There is something inherently wrong with the crypto industry, as it always seems to attract some of the most dubious personalities in the world.


Nvidia Throws Gamers Under the Bus

29 Mar 2024

If you ever needed proof that Nvidia is no longer the company you think it is, look no further than the company's most recent GPU Technology Conference.


I Hate Nintendo

14 Mar 2024

Nintendo has forced the creator of Yuzu and Citra to shut down its websites and pay $2.4 million because it believes emulation promotes piracy.


Nvidia Breaks Wall Street

6 Mar 2024

Nvidia may have quite literally broken Wall Street with its recent earnings that propelled the company to an even higher market value.


Big Tech Wants to Prevent Election Fraud

21 Feb 2024

The destructive potential of generative AI has big tech banding together to better help voters against AI-generated video, audio, or text during elections.